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  • Baker's Acres, Lodging Outdoors, Campground Camping, 230 Willets Ave Little Egg Harbor NJ 08087

    Baker's Acres

    I have to admit how funny it is to read about complaints from people on this site. Normally I wouldn't care at all, but the attacks on this page in particular are quite vicious.

    I've been going to BA since 1998 and if there is one thing I can say about this camp, then it really is like a second home.

    It seems that my children hate traveling with my wife and I. Even if we go shopping the kids get obstinate. Every year though we go down to BA's camp, and every year my kids are already packed and waiting. They truly do love it there.

    Now, besides the fact that I am, of course, partially biased towards BA because of my children, I have been to many other campgrounds down the shore. I'm not going to bad mouth those campgrounds, nor name them. Most of the campgrounds I've been to south of A.C. have no trees. I don't understand that at all. And almost to make up for lack of trees, it seems as if the campers have built their own houses alongside their trailers. I understand the need for a screenhouse because of the mosquitos, but do you need a two story screen mansion that is built out of particle board? Also, the amount of Park Model trailers reminds me of when I used to visit my Aunt Abby at her "Adult Community." Last but not least, my biggest grief, with these so-called bigger-and-better-than-thou super camps, is the amount of people! I go camping to get away from them! I go camping to get away from people exactly like... well... ME! I can think of one supercamp right off the top of my head, that was overflowing with massive amounts of ME. Me's everywhere!

    Anyway, I digress. (I always wanted to be a comedian.) BA is great for two huge reasons. The people there aren't ME, and it is the one place that I go to today where I let my kids be free. I remember this instance: it was 1999, the second year I started camping their, and I wasn't too sure if I was coming back. It was an awful week. Rain. Rain all day. Rain all night. Nobody was having fun. The second to last day the rain let up and my two kids, Brian and Rose, took off like greyhounds. I told them to be back in an hour for dinner and that was that. Four hours later, it is 9pm and I don't know where they are. They didn't take their walkies and weren't at the playground. After 45 minutes of searching, I found Rose. She was playing at her new friends site, but had no idea where Brian was. At 10 I went down to the store to ask for help. I'll tell you what, I was worried. I come from the city, and I've seen things, but the BA staff jumped like bunnies at that. Maureen was on her radio in a flash and from what I overheard, they were closing down the exits and beginning to check cars. After some tense minutes of waiting, I hear on the radio that Jack had found him and that the guys can open the exits again. Long story short, my youngest decided to take a nature hike without his sister and got lost. He was sitting on a log in the middle of the trail waiting.

    That is the reason I camp at BA. They don't take your money and laugh up their sleeves, they treat you like family. No one I know or have dealt with since has made me change my mind on that.

    And now it is time for me to apologize for writing such a long review, I just became frustrated at the reviews before mine. I am not a seasonal, and I still travel, but I will keep on going back to BA until they close. I consider them Famliy.

    I hope that this review helps. If you have questions about BA and don't want "Owner Propaganda," than I'd be more than willing to answer. Jakethepuma at yahoo dot com .

    Jake "The Puma" Pulaski

  • Baker's Acres, Lodging Outdoors, Campground Camping, 230 Willets Ave Little Egg Harbor NJ 08087

    Baker's Acres

    This is for my co-owner Jason Baker, you go dude!

    Vote: Campground

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